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What I Offer

Friendly, professional and individually targeted assistance and coaching for your career needs which might include:

Career Direction:

Career planning to identify your talents and your skills, explore opportunities to use those talents, decide on relevant actions and generate next steps. These might involve work exploration, training possibilities, choosing subjects at school, research and inquiry. Consider this as an investment in your career.

Career Support:

Offering support in workplaces to ease work tensions and conflicts. Provide strategies to improve interactions and see other points of view. Much of this work is carried out under the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offered by many organisations for the wellness of and benefit for employees.

Work Seeking:

Develop job search strategies, prepare the many aspects that make you ‘work ready’ or ‘job change’ prepared e.g. knowing what you can offer employers, being aware of your skills and having the documents (CV, Cover letter), being Interview prepared and knowing the job market and availability in your industry. This is a ‘marketing yourself’ opportunity that needs to be polished.

Career Change:

Whether you initiate this process because you are seeking other employment, maybe returning to the workforce, or you are a casualty in restructuring or redundancy, there is a process that prepares you mentally, enables you to make sound decisions and brings your documentation and work seeking skills into the current market. This builds your confidence.

Career Development:

Helping work teams and individuals within organisations benefit from professional development that increases synergies with colleagues and builds effective ways of working together. Conducting reviews of Career Development programmes within organisations and suggesting ways to develop potential. This builds worker capability.

Career Coaching and Mentoring:

Supporting and training individuals, team leaders, managers and employees to advance skills and improve systems. Think learning and advancement.

How It Works

Based in Christchurch, client meetings are personalised to you. They are individual sessions, or with family or friend support. While usually face-to-face at my home office, other meeting options can be considered depending on your requirements and location. Workshops and presentations take place in the associated organisation. 

Meetings are tailored to your specific requirements. Charges are typically $100 + GST per hour session. If you are seeking a career change or employment preparation, a typical three meeting package might include:


Discussion to establish motivations, carryout relevant activities, evaluate, consider possibilities. Approximately 50-60 minutes $100 + GST.


Develop action plan with 'signposts' to move ahead. Approximately 50 minutes $100 + GST.


Complete documentation, for instance a CV, cover letter, application forms. Various prices depending on time and content required 60-180 minutes. $Various, and discussed with you.

Please enquire regarding charges for other services i.e. mentoring and coaching, workplace interventions, workshops and presentations.

Invest in your future now. Avoid ill-informed decisions and poor choices. Gain career satisfaction, pride and success. 

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